Organic deodorant is natural, healthy and pure.

You see, organic deodorants help to nourish your body, without plastering it with the dangerous chemicals and substances that are present in many standard deodorants and anti-perspirants – like aluminium, and parabens.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using organic deodorant – both for your body, mind – and for the quality and longevity of your clothes (more on that later!).

Let’s get the ball rolling with benefit #1…

No Harsh Chemicals to Irritate Skin

Organic deodorants don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals and potentially damaging ingredients that non-organic deodorants and anti-perspirants contain.

This commonly includes aluminium (which causes problems for your clothes, and well as your skin), propylene glycol, parabens and fragrance.

This is especially important from those who have sensitive skin, or skin problems. Using organic deodorant will prevent making any problems worse, and will actually help to nourish and heal the skin.

No Build up of Clogged Pores

The aluminium in anti-perspirant (and in some deodorants) stops sweating by reacting with sweat, and blocking up or clogging the sweat glands.

This of course helps to stop sweat in the short-term, but what it actually does is clog up the pores from behind your skin – causing a build up of bacteria and dead skin cells.

And that is the same bacteria that can contribute towards bad body odour – even if you are regularly using an anti-perspirant or deodorant!

Tip: Gently exfoliating your arm pits can help to dead skins cells that can cause a dark colour.

Organic Deodorants Still Contain Odour-Reducing Ingredients

Fresh sweat does not smell. It is the build up of bacteria lingering on our skin that causes the bad body odour that we experience after a work out, or even just after a hot day at work!

Organic deodorants do not aim to stop sweating, sweating is healthy and it is a necessary bodily function to maintain good health. Instead, natural deodorants combat and neutralise the smelly bacteria that sweating causes: naturally.

Many brands of natural and organic deodorant are based on recipes that include substances such as bicarbonate of soda – these help to naturally cleanse and clean your body of bacteria.

Organic Deodorant Ingredients Have Other Benefits

Apart from keeping you free from bodily odour, organic deodorants also provide many other benefits to both your body, and your mind.

Aloe Vera | The Organic ChoiceNatural compounds such as aloe vera and tea tree in natural deodorant help to nourish and care for your skin.

While essential oils that are present in many natural deodorants can provide aromatherapy (albeit on a small scale), and help to provide nutrients and essence for your body.

Let’s think about this for a minute…

If you could put healthy, natural and nutritional substances on your body to help tackle your body odour, then why would you ever use a factory-made, synthetic substance that is full of chemicals on your skin?

It is true that a small percentage of whatever you put on your body will be absorbed through your skin and into your body. This makes it critical that you are not putting toxins on your skin, and that you are only using products that will be of benefit to your body – both inside and out.

No More Yellow Stains!

When the aluminium present in run-of-the-mill deodorants reacts with sweat, it causes the annoying yellow stains that can plague our clothes after a period of use.

The great news is that because organic deodorants do not contain aluminium – you can be sure that your yellow stains will be banished forever!

Not having to replace your shirts and t-shirts as often will likely give you more than enough of a monetary saving to cover the higher cost of an organic/natural deodorant.

Now your deodorant may have been marketed as causing ‘zero marks’ or being ‘invisible’, but the fact is that is only on the surface level.

Over time, the aluminium and other chemicals in non-organic deodorants can cause the material in your clothing to hold bad smells, and even deteriorate.

You may have had this when you have ironed an old shirt that you have used non-organic deodorants in, or when you have broken a sweat in an old t-shirt, only to find out that you start to smell very quickly.

Organic deodorants will remove this problem. They will make your laundry routine more simple – as you won’t have to use any heavy-duty cleaners to remove the aluminium from your clothes.

Organic Deodorants are Safe for Pregnant or Lactating Mums

As they contain no compounds that may be potentially harmful to health, organic deodorants and perfectly safe for pregnant and/or lactating mums.

It must be a great feeling to know that your organic deodorant is not causing any potential harm to your little one – especially with the close proximity of the breasts to the armpits.

Natural deodorants are a small investment to make, to be certain that you are not damaging your health, or potentially the health of your children.

Better For the Environment, and For Animals

It is likely that organic deodorants are better for the environment, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Most companies who produce natural and organic deodorants are also conscious of the environment and animals, so most of their organic products are free from testing on animals.

To be honest, even if they were tested on animals – they likely wouldn’t harm them anyway!

Now we have have covered the benefits of organic deodorants, here are our top picks for you to consider:


Bubble + Bee Lemongrass and Rosemary Deodorant SprayBubble and Bee Organic Deodorant | The Organic Choice

The ingredients in Bubble and Bee’s deodorants are extremely pure – in fact, you would go far to see a more pure deodorant.

In fact, their lemongrass and rosemary deodorant stick contains just organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil, organic lemongrass essential oil and organic rosemary essential oil!

They are also signers of the campaign for safe cosmetics movement.

Well worth a try!

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Erbaviva Lemon and Sage/Jasmine Grapefruit Deodorant Spray

Erbaviva Organic Deodorant | The Organic ChoiceErbaviva’s deodorants are a little pricey, but they are extremely pure, and only made from organic ingredients.

For example, their lemon and sage deodorant only contains organic alcohol, organic sage oil, organic tea tree oil and organic pogostemon cablin oil – 5 ingredients!

The jasmine grapefruit variety is a more female scent, but the lemon sage deodorant is great for both lads and ladies.

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MiessenceMiessence Organic Deodorants | The Organic Choice

We personally use Miessence deodorants, as we have found that they are not only extremely pure, but they last throughout the day!

The Ancient Spice scent is more of a masculine scent, whereas the Tahitian Breeze is more of a female scent. There is also an unscented variety available.

The company was founded by Narelle and Colin Chenery, and it has a rich history and foundation of creating some of the purest products on the market. Their deodorant is no exception!

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Lafe’s Organic Baby Mother-To-Be Deodorant SprayLafe's Organic Baby Mother-to-Be Deodorant | The Organic Choice

Lafe’s organic baby mother-to-be deodorant is fantastic for expecting mothers. Lafe’s ensure that the plastic container for the deodorant is estrogenic-free (some plastics can leach estrogens that can be potentially harmful to infants and children).

This deodorant also has zero additives or nasties – making it safe for those who are breastfeeding.

It has one of the lowest ratings on EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetics database (meaning that it is one of the purest on the market).

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Have you just started using an organic deodorant? How have you found it? Let us know below!

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