Do you want to achieve good health, happiness and wellbeing in your life?

Hi, I’m Joanne, and with my partner Christian, we passionately believe that everyone should have the choice of living an organic and sustainable life, filled with good health, happiness and wellbeing.

The Organic Choice provides information in a clear, concise and easy to follow way, so that you can change your life for the better.

We write informative posts and create inspirational videos to show you how you can make small changes every day in order to achieve health, happiness and wellbeing through living an organic life.

Why The Organic Choice?

We recently came to the realisation that just changing one part of your life to organic is not nearly as effective as taking your entire lifestyle in that direction. Hence, it’s a life “choice”, “The Organic Choice”.

It all started for me when I was little, and had sensitive skin. My parents struggled to find a washing powder that wouldn’t cause my skin to come out in a sore red rash. And it seemed that once they found one, only a few months later the recipe changed, and it caused my skin to flare up again.

After years of this backward and forward trying to find a good clothes washing powder/liquid, they turned to an organic version.

And hey presto! I had no more issues with my skin.

The thing my parents didn’t recognise at the time, was although we were no longer exposing our skin (which absorbs everything that is put on to it) to harmful chemicals through washing powders, we were still exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals in many other ways.

Through the food we ate, the skincare and soap products we used, and even the household items that we cooked on.

Over a period of a few years, my parents learned more and more about organic living, and gradually tested out different things – keeping the things they liked and ditching the things they didn’t.

Eventually, once and for all, we were living a totally organic life!

We felt so much more energised, and not just on a cellular level of lower toxin exposure. It felt AMAZING to know that we were living in a more natural way, more similar to the sustainable way that humans have been living for millennia.


I met Christian in 2013, and he too had the same passion and want of living an organic life. Having experienced clearer skin after swapping from a well-known shampoo brand to 100% organic soap and shampoo, he saw for himself the power that could come from living in this way.


Together, we have decided to embrace organic living, in literally ALL areas of our lives. From eating organic food, to growing it in the back garden, and ensuring that none of our household cleaning products or appliances have toxins in them.

It’s also important to note that it’s not just about avoiding toxins – it’s about giving your body access to the nutrients it needs in order to perform at it’s best, both mentally and physically.

Our goal is to provide you with insights into how we have achieved living like this, so that you can achieve the same, should you choose to.

It should also be said – we are both quite young in the grand scheme of things, and have a limited budget after just buying our very first home!! So if we can afford it, then most people probably can 🙂

We believe that organic living can be available to EVERYONE, no matter what your income, your background or your age.

Over To You!

Enough about us, now it’s over to you! We want to hear all about you, what you want, what you need, and in what way we can help!

Feel free to submit comments on this page or our contact page with any questions or concerns you have – you never know, something you suggest might just end up in our next blog post!

We don’t pretend to be doctors or nutritionists, but we hope that you gain a little bit of value by us sharing our experiences and knowledge.


Here’s to health, happiness and wellbeing; and the start of great new changes!

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