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From time to time, TheOrganicChoice.com (‘we’) may recommend products and or services from third party companies or websites based on our own personal experience of using them, and we may post a link to the website selling them for your convenience.

Please assume that any/all of these links on this website are “affiliate links”, meaning that we will earn a small commission when you purchase a product through that link (but the price of the products for you remains the same).

We are making this statement to comply with the regulations from the UK Advertising Standards Authority, and to keep in line with our open, honest and transparent ethos.

The small commissions that we make from referring the products that we love and use daily and weekly all add up to allow us to maintain this website and support our family.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: We only EVER recommend products that we have personally bought and used, or that we truly believe in.

Our first priority is being true to our core values and mission – to give you simple and useful information and tips to help you increase your health, happiness and wellbeing, naturally – and we will only ever recommend products that are in line with this.

The most important thing to remember, is that the price for you will be the same as if you went directly to the seller of the products. The only difference is that by buying through our link, you will be supporting The Organic Choice in our mission to spread the word about the benefits of natural living, and in our quest to provide you with high-quality information to help you increase your happiness, health and wellbeing.

Any products that you purchase through links on our site that are created by a third party company you purchase at your own discretion. We have no control over these companies, and therefore we shall have no liability whatsoever in any circumstances to you in relation to the products affiliated by us (including in relation to any consequential loss of any type whatsoever), other than in relation to matters for which we are not lawfully able to limit or exclude our liability.

Given the statement above, any issues or questions with purchases of such affiliated products should be directed to the company the item was purchased from.

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